Friday, June 19, 2015

Day 3: Wow what a day!

Today started off with a low ropes course.  What a great team building activity!  It was great to work with my teammates from Team Harmony to solve the challenges that were given to us.

Following that we did a break out session to talk about things that we have learned so far that we are excited to bring back to the classroom.  The middle school math group talked a lot about problem solving.  I was also excited about the idea of putting a washer on a string to measure degrees on a protractor.  My 7th grade classes finished the year working on geometry, I see many ways this could be used for some real life activities!

How tall is this?
Team Harmony...Learning so much from them already!
Then we went to the water!  We practice escaping from a downed helicopter, being rescued from a helicopter, and "jumping" out of a helicopter,  What an amazing experience that is very unique to Space camp!

Buss ride over.
Waiting to get in the water.

Wish I had one of these in my classroom!
Getting suited up!

Happy I was rescued!

Following that we got a tour of the Davidson building/museum and started to design our patch.


We ended the evening practicing for our mission tomorrow.  Wish me luck as I head to the Space station!

Information about our mission.

Hanging out with the Caption and pilot before the practice mission.