Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day 4: Mission 1...COMPLETE!

Our team patch!

Today started of with Mission #1.  After breakfast we suited up in our blue space suits and got prepared for liftoff.  My job was to exit the space shuttle and complete a puzzle with "no" gravity. and then reenter the space shuttle for a safe return to Earth.  What an interesting experience to simulate doing anything in very little gravity!  Good news, even though it took us two times we landed safely back at space camp!

Getting ready!

MS 1 and 2

Mission complete! Go Team Harmony!

Following the mission we created rockets that we will set in flight tomorrow.  I painted mine green for ARD colors!

We then watched a very interesting and informative movie in the Imax theater here.

Watching the film being loaded.

Next we had some free time to explore the museum here.

On the moon!

Then it was on to practicing for mission #2 to take place in the future (2048).  I have a new role on this mission as Base commander.  It is neat to try out the different jobs and the instructors here have been great in helping us to understand what each of the jobs are responsible for.

Practicing for tomorrow's mission.

Checking out the other parts of the mission.

After practicing a mission to take place in the future we heard a speech about what the future of space travel looks like.

Then the real fun took place...SIMULATORS!!

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