Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Welcome to my page!

Friday, April 17, Armand R. Dupont School was entirely grateful for the FMA presentation to come back for multiple presentations!  The FMA program made a special trip back to Allenstown, NH after we had to cancel the show earlier in the year due to a illness that had spread through the school.  Forces in Motion: FMA Live! was a fun, interactive presentation that made math and science come alive for our students put on through a collaboration between Honeywell and NASA.

Through this program I received an incredible opportunity to attend Space Academy for Educators in Huntsville, Alabama on full scholarship.  Here I will participate in simulations and work with other educators to bring back lessons and experiences to the classroom. I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity not only for my personal experience, but for my future students as well.  This blog serve as a way to communicate with my students about the program/trip.

A special thank you to David Cote,  chairman and CEO of Honeywell.  A former Allenstown student who was instrumental in providing these wonderful opportunities for our ARD students!

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