Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 6: Graduation

Today was a tough day for team Harmony.  Though we were all excited to go home to see our families we knew this would be the last time we would all be in one place.  This week we create a unique teamship working together in many new experiences.  I am thankful to have met this group of incredible educators and am sure I sill continue to learn from them as we move forward.

We started today with an introduction of a remarkable program founded by Dan Oates, a member of Space Camp Hall Of Fame.  He has inspired Space Camp for the visually impaired.  Students are able to participate in all of the activities we did this week through modifications to the equipment.  There were a plethora of wonderful stories created just because someone believed.

Following that we were given some time to visit the education center.  Here I found many different applications to my classes.  I was able to get three books sent to me.  They are due to come in this winter.  I can't wait!

Then we went to a presentation on ECLSS.  What is that?  Well it is a filtration system that turn's astronaut's urine into purified water.  They claim the water is more pure than the water you and I drink!  We created a filtration system and tested it.

We also listened to some great speeches from the ambassadors.  We were able to try out straw rackets as well as a couple of different launching systems.  They got me really excited about using systems like this next year with the Geometry and Measurement units.

The final event of the evening was graduation and celebrating our accomplishments!

Graduation from Michelle Kelly on Vimeo.

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