Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 1: Travel Day

A note from my students!

Today marked the first day at Space Academy for Educators.  Today was considered a travel day for all Educators to arrive at Huntsville, Alabama.  I left Manchester Airport at 8 o'clock this morning and had smooth and safe trip to Huntsville.
Flight out of Manchester!

Second part of the flight...nest stop Huntsville, Alabama!
When headed to the baggage claim I met one educator from Maine and three other from New York who had also just arrived at Space Camp.  We were met at the baggage claim by someone in a blue space suit who directed us to our bus.  On the bus ride over the bus driver told us a great story about a group of students he had met a couple of weeks ago that were very intuitive and engaged.  When he asked the teacher if it was a gifted program, he was surprised to find out that the students were in fact from an inner city school and were not part of a gifted program.  However, their teacher had participated in this program a few years ago.  His excitement and enthusiasm for the program was infectious.  I feel fortunate to have this opportunity.
Sporting my FMA shirt!  Thank you Honeywell!

When we arrived at the Space Academy location we had lunch, got checked in (I now have a blue space suit), and had dinner.  I have already met so many people from around the world.  I am learning a lot about education systems in different countries.

Tomorrow sounds like a fun filled day of learning! I will keep you updated!

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